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PostHeaderIcon Staff

Isa Jennings
Program Manager
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Athena Krupicka-Sklenar
Program Coordinator
541-461-7577 (office) or 458-210-4077 (cell)
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PostHeaderIcon Advisory Board

Edith Baumgart

Edith is Associate Director of Children and Family Services at Willamette Family and an active member of the CK advisory board since 2014.

Fran Calciano, M.S.

Fran has an M.S. in counseling psychology and is a retired teacher and school counselor after thirty-four years of service in the Eugene area. She has been a board member since 2013. Fran coordinates CK grief support groups within the schools and uses the program as a referral source for appropriate students and families.

Kirsten Frazer, M.S.

Kristen has been a Courageous Kids volunteer since 1997 and board member since 2000. Currently CK Summer Camp Co-Director, she enjoys helping to organize, educate, and lead staff each summer. Kristen

Carolyn Knox, Ph.D.

Carolyn is a retired faculty member from the University of Oregon. She is a volunteer at PeaceHealth Hospice, leading bereavement groups. She facilitates Eugene Death Cafe meetings, and she manages the website for Courageous Kids.

Maria Kurtenbach

Maria's educational background is in child development and psychology. Through personal and professional experience, she knows how much programs such as CK help participants during life’s challenges. Maria is committed to helping CK serve grieving families for many years to come.

Beth I. Robinson, M.S.

Beth is an artist, mediator, and facilitator in private practice. Her focus is grief and conflict dispute resolution within families, workplace, and community settings. See her work at robin


PostHeaderIcon Volunteers


Courageous Kids is dependent on volunteers all year long. The following folks give of their time and energy week after week! They help facilitate the groups, the Theater Troupe, transport kids,  manage the website and the newsletter, staffs booths at events and fundraisers, and take a load off the work in the office. There is no way we could have these programs without YOUR dedication, skill and passion. Thank you!!

We especially want to thank the camp volunteers. They create the safe and nurturing environment in which the kids can take the next step in their grieving.  Cabin counselors accompany the kids day and night. Professionals lead the activities. The kitchen crew cleans up the huge messes, so at the next meal, the kids and staff can sit in a pleasant room again.  Many dedicate a week out of their summer year after year. Our deepest gratitude goes to YOU all! Thank you!


Carmen Alvarado

John Beezup

Addie Belcher

Cara Brasted

Dan Campbell

Sara Campbell

Noah Citron

Madison Clayton

Rose Comaduran

Brooke Couture

Rebecca Cuniff

Sid Dee (Ditson)

Zoey DeLuca

Alli Ditson

Mary Ditson-Taylor

Tod Falk

Mari Folk

Ilsa Frazer

Kellen Frazer

Kirsten Frazer

Rachel Green

Girin Guhu

Daisy Hagen

Eddie Harrod

Danielle Hirsch

Sabrina Honorato

Sue Hutchinson-Carey

Seth Jennings

Jordan Kasitz

Charlie Kentros

Scott Klein

Kyara Komisar

Dario LaPoma

Andres Larios

Clara Lipetzky

Tyler MacMaster

Rebecca Marsden

Samantha Marsden

Matt McCallum

Iris Poh

Aaron Porter

Riki Redhead

Corie Reeser

Sydney Sampson

Valerie Savercool

Carly Schwickert

Shea Settlemyer

Lorol Simmons

Trinity Smith

Lila Spiritwalker

Clarissa Sprague

Shelly Steward

Timmy Stratis

Hannah Tessler

Simone Tessler

Angela Vanderbelt-Gleim

Jared Webster

Madi Webster

Kathy Westervelt

Yvonne Young